Saturday, September 3, 2011

that wet crotch is chunky.

Whoa. New interface. It's kinda cool. Very sleek, Google. (If this is still a way for you to coax me to Google+, I'm still uninterested. You're gonna have to work harder than that.)

Because I updated on Tuesday about the weekend, I figured I should update you on my class. I'm not just over here for shits and giggles, unfortunately. There is much to be done.

Currently, I'm in a class called "Early Start Semester in Irish Folklore and Ethnology" and it is nothing what I thought it was going to be. We didn't get explanations as to what would be covered in these classes, so I just picked one that sounded interesting. For some reason, I thought it was going to be a course on Irish mythology (given, folklore) and ignorant me did not bother to look up the word ethnology. I figured it was like mythology, just another word.

Folklore & Ethnology = Not this.
It's not at all what I was expecting. We've talked about cool topics such as marriage rituals and death rituals, but I'm dying with the discussions on the home life and the constant reminder as to what a ritual is. Dying.

Speaking of dying, the Merry Wake should come back. Playing pranks and dancing with the dead body? Count me in!

But in all honesty, some of it is absolutely dull. This week, we spoke BRIEFLY about the Merry Wake, then spent two days talking about types of houses and what you find in a house. Colour me bored. For those who don't know, I used to volunteer at the Naper Settlement, an outdoor walking museum where you visit different buildings that were found on the Naperville homestead. I've also been to other historical museums where they show you all the stuff people used to use. There's a point where it's cool, but when you cross that line, I check out. Butter churns will never be cool to me ever again. (Especially after "The Butter Song" from 4th grade. Soundtrack to my nightmares, along with "It's a Small World".)

Bunratty Castle
Regardless, we took our first field trip to Bunratty Castle & Folk Park. The castle was super cool as it was my first Irish castle! Bunratty was a defense castle for the Earl and his family. It had a moat and murder traps and oh! So cool. Death, disease, and destruction are my favourite parts of history. We were able to climb up to the turrets and see the landscape which is absolutely beautiful.

Some of the spaces in the castle were wonderful. There were a lot of pictures of Jesus everywhere, which made me uncomfortable. I felt like I was being watched. Then, we find out there are spy holes all over the castle. That's where the watched feeling came in.

The castle was the focus of the park, but was not the only part by far. There was the whole Folk Park to explore! I spent the day with Mollie, Megan, and Kelley [sic]. It was fun, particularly the parts where Mollie almost fell off the castle and I was being eaten by a horse. Yeah, it happens.

That morning, I definitely was not looking forward to the field trip. Fortunately, I enjoyed the people I was with and got to pet a pony and a horse. Yay!

After we wandered around the Folk Park and Castle, like most of our class we ended the day at a pub near the park called Durty Nelly's. It was cool. We mostly sat outside to wait out the rest of the time at the park. We got back on the bus and went to dinner.

Lynda & her Wet Crotch
I found a new friend! Her name is Lynda (yes, with a 'y') and she's a Doctor Who fan (and Glee, and Arrested Development, and Harry Potter...)! I've been trying to find another nerd for two weeks and she's been in my class this whole time. It's so exciting to finally have someone to geek out with over here in Ireland.

I've also been spending loads of time with Tammy as well. We both ask each other a lot of questions and make fun of each other for our accents (me to her) and phrases (her to me). Last night, she organized a get-together for some American students and Irish students at The Mardyke. It was super fun to meet some more students and talk to some Americans whom I haven't had the chance to meet yet. On top of that, Mags, Cillian, and I had the privilege of watching Lynda swallow down a Wet Crotch shot. Definitely the highlight of the night.

One of the things I've been up to lately is researching my family history. I'm mostly curious as to what my heritage is. I'm all registered on and have been obsessing over my mother's line as that's the one I'm biologically related to (and has the least amount of research). We've discovered that my great-grandfather Peter Prinz, Sr. was born in Hungary and legally changed his name from 'Peter Bothseller' to 'Peter Prinz'. There are no records on a 'Peter Bothseller' ANYWHERE. We're thinking there was some conspiracy for them to escape the Nazi Party because they were Jewish. (I found a record for a Josef Princz who was exterminated in a concentration camp and he was connected to Katie Prinz, Peter Prinz's mother.) So, on top of being a quarter Hungarian, I'm possibly a quarter Jewish as well! Take that, Jewish friends!

Anyway, Doctor Who in an hour! I get to watch Doctor Who with all the Brits! I'M SO EXCITED.

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