Monday, September 12, 2011

NEWSBREAK: unpopular opinion about 9/11

This is a break from my Ireland posts partly to say that an update is coming and that I need a place to put this as well.


We need to move on. Yes, 9/11 was a tragedy. Yes, many lives were lost. Yes, the United States was sucked into a turbine of self-defeat and trauma when we panicked over the attack.

We were devastated by Columbine. The Oklahoma City Bombing. NIU. Virginia Tech. Pearl Harbour. While it is nice to remember those who were lost, these are scars and scabs being scratched open, sometimes with sandpaper. To constantly bring up the tragedy of 9/11 every year (because face it, we do bring it up every year in some sort of memorial service or moment of silence) makes it harder to move on.

Yes, it was a devastation for our country. Yes, many people have sacrificed their lives for cleaning up the rubble and saving those who were in that catastrophe. I am not trying to minimize their efforts and their jobs into obscurity. Yet, that’s exactly what they were doing: their jobs. If anything, we should be thanking them daily for all the effort they give to our country, instead of once a year when we ‘remember’ their dead coworkers and others who perished in the tragedy.

It hurts me more to know what the aftermath of 9/11 was and I’m not talking about the deaths and the Al Qaeda witchhunt. 9/11 ruined us. There was a chart created specifically to tell us how afraid we must be at all times. Muslims are profiled, persecuted, and humiliated for what a small group of extremists did. It’s even affected us globally; one day we passed a group of Irish folk who started yelling at a Middle Eastern man to walk faster because they didn’t want him exploding bombs near them.

9/11 created so much hate and sorrow in our country and around the world. We should not be lingering on the past, but focusing on the future and understanding why tragedies like 9/11, Columbine, and the Oklahoma City Bombing occur. Yes, remembering the tragedy of 9/11 may be important to some, but living for the people who died there and in the aftermath will make us stronger.


I don't necessarily care if you agree/disagree with me. I'm not the most patriotic of the bunch (or patriotic at all). I mostly felt the need to explain how I feel about 9/11 and why I will not be in attendance for a memorial event. It's picking at a scab that should be left alone.

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