Friday, September 23, 2011

lettuce vs. cabbage

Had my first class on Wednesday and I was a nervous wreck. I don't know why I was freaking out so hard since, you know, I've done this college thing for three years already. It harkens back to my first day of college at Iowa when I was freaking out hardcore. My first class, of course, was Accelerated Rhetoric and at 8:30am. Yet, I knew it was going to be alright.

This time, I'm not so sure. I kind of liked what the class was about, but everyone in there was already giving me looks like I was a Martian. Most of the kids in that class are either third years or second years, so they've all known each other for at least a year. For me, I'm the newbie as opposed to at Iowa where everyone is a newbie. Worst yet, there was another American girl in there who I could have spotted from a mile away. She was wearing a North Face jacket, a North Face backpack, brown suede Ugg boots with her jeans tucked in, and a Camelback waterbottle. I almost vomited in my mouth. Worst morning yet.

Luckily, that class finished and I met up with Lynda to attend Societies Day. More hectic than Clubs Day, Societies Day is for all the non-athletic groups to persuade you to join their club. At least, that's what happens at Iowa. Here, it was incredibly cramped and I felt like not many people from the societies talked to me. I was really excited for Dramat, only to discover they mostly teach workshops. Not to sound pretentious, but I'm certain I know more about theatre than most of the kids in that club. They've just finished two years of theatre whereas I've finished three and had a more hands-on experience while I'm at it. When I was talking to the girl there (more like, when she was talking at me), she was telling me they do workshops on playwriting, lighting, sound, etc. I've taken entire semester-long classes on these topics. I feel like I'll be bored with pure workshops. I'll give the society a shot, but I'm incredibly weary about it.

This kind of happened with the Comedy Society and the Sci-Fi Society, and no one even spoke to me at the LGBT Society or the Film Society. It's interesting, but the one society I was questioning was Wargaming and Role-Playing Society, or WARPS. I hadn't given it much thought, but I figured I'd go to the Societies Day and talk to some people about it. There were three girls at the table who were super friendly and nice to me when I asked them about the society. They told me they were having a Fresher's Night on Thursday and I decided I'd go. I didn't have anything else planned for the evening, so why not?

I had an absolute blast. Everyone I talked to was so nice and welcoming and I learned how to play Magic: The Gathering! We played a game called Werewolf and Apples to Apples. Afterward, we went to the pub. I got to meet more people who were playing other things earlier and I really like everyone. Can't wait for next week!

Wednesday night I went to Chambers, the gay club, for their Glee Night. They had a few people singing Glee songs and dancing as well. It was super fun. I also made new friends there. Look at me go.

Thursday's class is going to be fun because 1. the professor is hilarious, and 2. my friend Kaitlin is in there. It's gonna be great.

Today, I didn't have any classes, so I slept in and went to Blarney Castle! Instead of writing about it, here's a video:

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