Thursday, August 18, 2011

ke$ha is my time-travel music: the sequel // yes, i've officially slept.

This post is actually two entries. The first is literally saved from the plane and the second is right now.

As I write this, it is currently 12:30am. Well, in Chicago. Really, it's 6:30am in Ireland. And oh look, they just turned on some of the cabin lights.

Still on the plane. I hate international flights. I've only done one round-trip before and it was terrible. Today, I started off sitting next to a woman who was not only reading the Sky Mall magazine backwards, but she was randomly giggling at things in it. I was so confused. I moved seats to a row of four by myself. I was so excited, until two girls from the row behind me moved up to sit next to me. They didn't have tray tables or TVs. Turns out they're both from Cork and one even goes to UCC! What a coincidence! They were good seatmates, though. That's one benefit.

I just can't sleep on a plane. Seriously. Super uncomfortable.

Both Monday and Tuesday were awful days to do anything. Monday, we put my cat Luther down and I was just a mess all day. I didn't want to do anything, but alas, I had to pack. Tuesday presented its own uniqueness.

Mmm. They just handed me breakfast.

Anyway. Tuesday. Has anyone ever tried getting enough medication for 4 months? Bitch and a half. Insurance can suck it. The pharmacist had to call in an emergency to them to get them to give me birth control and a 30 day supply of anti-depressants. I still had to pay full price for 60 additional days. Whatever. Better paying $75 with all the craziness with insurance than $217 without insurance.

I would love the Aer Lingus people so much if someone came by with coffee because yes, I drink coffee now. Coffee is cool.

But really. I'm still a wreck from Monday. It was so hard putting Luther down. He was in the saddest shape and the vet kept reminding us that it's the quality of life. Even if we kept him alive, he would have been miserable. We also discovered he broke his ankle. He wouldn't have been able to take anti-inflammatory meds because his failing kidneys wouldn't have been able to process it. He also wasn't himself anymore. He would randomly lash out, because he was so frustrated all the time.

They sedated him before the final injection and I just held him in my arms. I felt the moment that he went limp from the sedation. It was horrifying to put him down on the table, to see my cat limp and lying on a table.

And I'm crying now, sitting on this plane with all these strange people. But he was my pretty kitty. 14 good long years of being my friend. He's not in pain anymore. No longer anxious and his soul is still unharmed. He'll be a good thing to someone else, whatever body he chooses to occupy next.

I picked out a beautiful urn for him. I'm sad I won't be there when the urn is delivered or the ashes are ready, but I'm hoping my parents take care of the ashes while I'm gone. (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Anyway, now that I've succeeded in making myself look like a freak on the plane and completely changing the topic of this blog from Ireland to my dead cat, I would just like to tell you all that Aer Lingus is an amazing airline. Very nice people and good service.

Ugh. I'm torn now. The girls next to me said I should take the AirBus to Cork because it's cheaper. Honestly, I would still rather take the train. Different pace and different view. And I could possibly sleep.


I've finally slept a total of 12 hours after being awake for 24 hours. Let me tell you about the adventures after the plane.

First off, once we all got off the plane, we were herded into lines to get our passports stamped. Lucky for me, I got mine stamped for my entire time in Ireland which means I don't have to apply at Immigration or open an Irish bank account! Woo! Yay for cheaper things!

I met up with Gabby and Brian who are also in my program from Iowa. Together, we headed outside to the bus that was taking us to the train station. I got on the first bus, but Gabby and Brian were stopped from boarding the bus since it was full. I had to ride the bus all by myself! Eep! It was ok considering the station was the last stop. Once we all arrived at the train station, we printed our tickets, then boarded the 11am train to Cork.

What a long train ride! 3.5 hours on a train. Brian and Gabby napped for a bit, but not very long. I didn't sleep at all. At a certain point, the conductor came by and nearly made Brian pay a 500 Euro fine because of a simple misunderstanding. He instead let Brian just pay the difference for his ticket. It was really kind of the conductor to do that. Part of the reason he let Brian off is because Brian didn't have his complete address in Cork. None of us did.

Eventually, we made it to Cork. Gabby and I took a cab to Seven North Mall where we both would be staying. We met Brig, the manager of the complex. She showed us around and oh my god I love this place. It's beautiful. I'll make a video of 7 North Mall when I get a chance and I'll post it. It'll have commentary and everything, so I don't want to give anything away. :D

After getting our stuff in, Brig insisted on Gabby and I finding food. We went to a bistro and had a good meal, then walked around a bit, traveling over to the campus as well. University College Cork's campus is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Believe it or not, I was sold on Iowa from the beautiful campus. Now, I'm so glad I'm not going back after this semester because it totally pales in comparison.

We both came home and crashed. I slept for 5 hours, woke up and called my parents, then went back to sleep. I slept for a total of 12 hours and woke up at 7am. I got dressed and headed to find food. Not only did I get breakfast, but I did some grocery shopping. Now I have food at my place! Yay!

Today I'm probably gonna go with Gabby to Immigration and find pay-as-you-go phones. Erp.


  1. Scones. Yes, you must have scones in Ireland because you will never find them quite the same anywhere else. Great to have a scone and a cup of tea in the late afternoon for a pick-me-up. Forget coffee. Drink tea in Ireland. You can try crumpets but they are just fancy pancakes in my opinion.
    Sorry about Luther. I held my cat as he was put down just three weeks ago today. It will get better but I am teary eyed just writing this.

  2. nice post Kel. Reading about Luther made me start to cry. Glad the stewards on the plane were nice. Did you ever get you coffee on the plane?

  3. i know gabby, too! don't let her die. (and don't die yourself, please)