Monday, August 22, 2011

i should never have told you about my scone addiction.

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. I'm in Ireland! And it's almost been a week since I left home! How crazy is that?! I'm so very sorry I've neglected you guys for a little while. I was struggling to get over jetlag for the past few days so my sleep schedule was all kinds of screwy. I would go to bed at 5pm, wake up at 10pm, go back to sleep at 2am, wake up again at 7am. Awful. But I'm finally on a normal sleep schedule and all good. Let's recap all the things that have happened-- and then some!

After my morning shopping excursion, Gabby and I headed out to do even more shopping as she also needed groceries and I realized that I forgot to grab, oh, I don't know, healthy things. There are so many yummy things here in Ireland that we don't have in the States. I'm excited that I get to try them all while I'm over here.

We also got cell phones. This little chunk of plastic is going to drive me insane. And before you judge me, I just got my iPhone in May. It's still really new to me. Now that it is basically a highly functioning iPod Touch, I'm really bummed. The mobile phone place thought they could hook me up with an Irish number on my American iPhone, but damn Apple in making this impossible. Those bastards.

Thursday I ended up napping again, once again thanks to jetlag. Woke up a few hours later, stayed up until 3, then went back to sleep. Wonderful.

Orientation Day! Gabby and I headed over to the Boole with about 150 other Americans to be talked at all day. It honestly wasn't that bad. They had our Early Start professors speak to us about our classes and where they would be meeting as well as professors from other departments advertising for some of the classes they offer. In the second half of the day, they had more presenters for other parts of the school, such as the Student Union and the Chaplaincy. (For the record, I definitely attempted to nap through the latter.)

On top of learning a ton of new information and taking a tour of campus, Gabby and I made friends! We met a girl named Abbey from University of Montana and Megan from SUNY New Paltz. We ended up going to lunch with them. Megan contracted mono before coming over here, so she spends a lot of her time sleeping. But Abbey has hung out with us a little bit, like going to lunch with us today. Both of them are in our Irish Folklore class. We met another girl named Sara who is in the History class. She's really interesting and I hope to see her more! I also awkwardly introduced myself to a girl named Kaitlin who was by herself and asked if she wanted to join us for lunch. She declined, but definitely said another time. On the tour of the school, I befriended Tyson who is just a delight. Very entertaining to say the least. :D

After Orientation at 8pm, there was a night out with some Irish students that I ended up sleeping through. (Once again: jetlag.) Urf.

The UCC students planned a social Q&A for us as well as a tour of the city. At first, Gabby and I didn't know if we wanted to go. In the end, we're so glad we did. On the tour, we stopped at a whole bunch of stores that we would have eventually found, yet now we know exactly where they are. We also hung out with Kaitlin (yes, same Kaitlin as Friday!) and Tyson, as well as two UCC students, Carmel and Tammy. Oddly enough, I found myself with questions that I didn't know I had. Over the course of our unintended 6 hour tour, I asked Tammy tons of questions about Cork and Irish culture, such like "Are the Irish more offended or amused when we attempt an Irish accent?" She said they're wholly amused. I'm honestly not surprised because I know I'm always entertained when Non-US friends attempt an American accent. Hilarious! Tammy and I hit it off really well so I hope to see her more throughout the semester. She and Christine, another UCC student, took Gabby and I to the Wilton Shopping Mall for a blowdryer and bed sheets. :D

After our awesome forever tour, Gabby and I went home where we waited for Bri to arrive. She did and we helped her in and fed her dinner. We sat in the kitchen chatting, waiting for Brig to arrive to let Bri into her room. When it had been a decent amount of time, we left Bri's stuff in my room and went over to a pub that is actually 5 doors down from our place called The Franciscan Well. It's a microbrewery and has delicious beer. That night we all tried the Blarney Blonde, a crisp pale ale. Super good. Once we got back to 7 North Mall, Brig called us and told us that she was on her way to let Bri in. Mind you, it's around 11pm at this point. Another reason Brig is amazing. Her phone was acting up and instead of putting it off until tomorrow, she rushed over and even stayed a little to chat with us and answer some questions we had.

Saturday was the first day I made it through without a nap. What a champ.

Bri needed supplies, so we happily went with her. Once again, I needed things like toilet paper and laundry detergent while the others needed straight up groceries. While we were shopping, I bought a brown coat and a pair of black boots. I will definitely take pictures if anyone's interested.

When we got back from shopping, Tyson came over and we watched Mean Girls because we realized our mutual affection for that movie. Once the movie finished, we sat and chatted a while until 6.30 when we went to dinner with Bri and Gabby. We found a place that sold awesome pizza. Super exciting.

We walked Tyson home and attempted to find a different pub. After getting lost and tired, we ended up back at The Franciscan Well. Bri and Gabby tried the White Gypsy while I went with the Shandon Stout. Creamy with a hint of cocoa and coffee. Crazy! Nice work, Franciscan.

First day of class! It's gonna be fun. We have two field trips: one to Bunratty Castle, and one to Inisheer. There are a ton of girls in our class, but I hope it'll be okay. I'm meeting a whole bunch of them slowly and they're not that bad. I've met Katherine, Mollie, Packy, Georgia, and Avery. Ain't I just the social butterfly?

Margaret, our professor, is great. I wanted to give her a hug after class. Maybe tomorrow. Also, class is only Monday-Thursday from 9:30am-12:30pm and I get 6 semester hours sent back to Iowa. Look at me go.

We needed to get our ID cards at 2:45pm, so I waited around sitting and chatting with Gabby, Mollie, and Abbey. Love them. Once we retrieved our ID cards, we departed. Gabby and I went home to sit and relax for a while. We went out to dinner with Bri and Kaitlin, who are in the same Early Start class. How exciting! We went to a place called Skoozi!. Italian, but has tasty burgers. We returned to 7 North Mall to watch TV and sit. +10 points for comfort.

Now, I'm yawning and ready for bed. Gotta be up at 8am and I'm exhausted. Talk to you all later! More about Irish things and differences, etc. when I'm more awake. Promise.

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  1. Oh, keep these coming. It's almost like being back there. Aren't you so glad you are in Ireland?